How to Find the Perfect Life Coach for You


Life coaches help people live their best lives through uplifting communication and thoughtful planning. But how do you decide if you should swipe left or right on your new life coach? How can you tell if the partnership is an ideal match? Here is a quick breakdown of how to find the perfect life coach for you, someone who complements your unique strengths and insights. 

Identify Your Needs 

Before even browsing through profiles, your first step should be to identify what you are looking for and what you need from a helping professional. Are you looking for someone to help you create an action plan and realize your goals? A life coach would be perfect for that. Are you looking for someone to help you analyze your roadblocks or limitations from a mental health perspective? Consider finding a certified counsellor or therapist to work with. If you are looking for someone in your line of work who can take you out for coffee and chat about their experiences, try to find a mentor who you admire. Whether you are looking for a life coach, mental health professional or mentor, qualified professionals in each of these vocations can offer something valuable and unique to your personal and professional development. 

Personality and Vibe 

Your life coach should be someone you enjoy talking with and who you trust walking alongside you on the road to personal growth. A talented life coach does not need to be charming or extroverted, as there are strengths and benefits to every personality type. Your goal should be to find an ideal fit for you personally. Just remember that everyone is human. No one can be everything to all people at once, so your coach will have their own personal strengths and idiosyncrasies in the same way you do. One coach may have a softer approach that works for you, while another coach may be more energetic or perhaps offer more tough love. What works for one person may not work for you, so take your time to assess your needs and find someone who suits your desired dynamic. Opposites can attract, but complementary personalities can also be lovely to work with. 

Coaching Style 

Your perfect match should probably have a coaching style that aligns with your goals and comfort. How do you find that? Ask yourself the following questions to help you assess the coaching style of the person you want to work with: 

  • Is the person a good listener? 
  • Do you feel comfortable around them? 
  • Do they ask powerful questions which encourage creative thinking? 
  • What is their vibe or energy? 
  • What steps are they taking to establish trust and make a connection with you? 
  • Do their insights or questions surprise and inspire you? 
  • Do they model qualities or personality traits that you are hoping to strengthen in yourself? 
  • Could you see yourself having a positive and collaborative relationship with this person? 



Experience and Training 

Life coaching as a profession is built on foundational tools, skills, research and insight. Because the profession is gaining in popularity, there are even more options for you to find a qualified professional with the right coach certification and style for your needs. While you browse through profiles of life coaches in your area, consider the following questions about their professional experience and previous education: 

  • What steps have they already taken on the path to becoming a certified coach? 
  • Are they currently certified by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach or a Professional Certified Coach? 
  • What is their particular niche or area of expertise? 
  • Do they have a lot of experience working with people who you admire or connect to? 
  • Have they helped people in similar situations to the one you are in? 
  • Do they have positive testimonials or quotes they can share with you from previous coaching clients? 
  • Have they invested time into quality life coach certification training? 
  • Are they committed to lifelong and continuing education? 

Reciprocity and Collaboration 

Since the coaching process is collaborative by nature, your life coach will need to determine if you are the right fit for them too. Put yourself out there and be generous with your engagement! Bring honesty and willingness to the table as part of a newfound commitment to yourself and the process. 

Written by: CJ McGillivray


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